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Best of both worlds

On Saturday 4 May VA Distilleries, a renowned Sri Lankan distillery, will be launching a range of spirits at the Best Western Premier Dover Marina Hotel & Spa.

The venue for the launch: Best Western Premier Dover Marina Hotel & Spa

This will be the first time that that VA Distilleries’ products will be available in the UK, which include VA King Coconut Vodka, North Coast Arrack and VA Black Genuine Arrack.

VA King Coconut Vodka represents a unique and distinctive offering in the spirits market. The King Coconut is known for its sweet and refreshing water, which adds an interesting twist to traditional vodka production.

Hotel owner Mr Rajaseelan

Arrack is a popular alcoholic beverage in Asian countries, with the characteristics varying according to the type of palm tree used, local production methods and regional tastes. VA’s North Coast is made from the sap of the Palmyra palm which is fermented and then distilled.

VA Black Genuine Arrack is described as “a gorgeous mix of pure grain sprits and coconut sprits giving it a distinctive flavour” and is set to provide a tempting offering to UK drinkers looking for an exciting new experience.

VA Distilleries has become a major player in the Sri Lankan drinks sector over the past 30 years, with a reputation for innovation and quality.

Waterfront Bar & Lounge

The setting for the launch is one of Dover’s finest hotels and spas, which occupies a commanding sea front location – renowned for its high quality cuisine, stylish interiors and unrivalled customer service.

Hotel owner Kanagaratnam Rajaseelan will be welcoming invited guests to the launch event, who will be enjoy an evening of dancing, music and entertainment; they will also have the opportunity to sample the three new spirits.

For more information visit the following websites:

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