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Brilliantly simple

The OST Tipple Top Drinks Measure (TTDM) is a remarkably simple and unique concept.

The essence of the product is a 25ml measure that has been incorporated into stylish bottle tops, which have been designed to replace those supplied with bottles of spirits.

David Ostick, the product designer, wanted to create something that would help spirits drinkers who like a ‘tipple’ to take control of how much they are actually drinking.

When free-pouring spirits we all know that we significantly under-estimate how much we actually drink, especially when medical professionals recommend that we monitor how much alcohol we consume.

We have been using the OST TTDM for several weeks and can testify how useful and convenient the bottle-top measure is.

We had been sent a jigger from a drinks company, which measures single and double shots, but it’s not always where you want it when you want to fix a drink; with the TTDM it’s always on hand.

If you want to push the boat out and have a double, then fill the cap twice. Then rinse and replace.

The beauty of the TTDM is that they quickly become part of the ritual of making a drink and given you know how much gin is in your G&T, or whatever is your preferred spirit, which I think is quite empowering.

David sent us two TTDMs in a wooden presentation box, which would make excellent gifts, although at this stage they’re not going anywhere.

At Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine we endorse the Drink Aware principles of monitoring alcohol consumption and we feel that the TTDMs can play an important role in helping consumers to remain in control of their alcohol intake.

For spirits producers, who can have incorporate their branding into the TTDMs, they would be able to promote the built-in drinks measures, which would help reinforce the responsible drinking mantra.

For more information visit their website