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Lemon Balm Gin hits the spot

The award-winning Ramsbury Distillery recently launched Ramsbury Lemon Balm Gin, made using fresh lemon balm grown on their estate in Wiltshire.

The press release that was sent out with news of the gin described the Lemon Balm Gin as: “a vibrant and vivacious spirit” and having been sent a bottle to sample we can confirm that is another fine spirit from Ramsbury.

Over the years the interest in flavoured gins has ebbed and flowed; some distilleries produced outstanding products and some were more on a par with alcopops – overly sweet and not very pleasant.

This gin, however, gives you that injection of lemon zestiness, which you would expect, but it’s not intrusive and adds a refreshing depth to an already confident base spirit.

When we sample spirits we never add mixers because we want to get unimpeded profile to emerge. Sampling the Lemon Balm Gin was no different; we served it over ice and neat, and from the first sip we were impressed.

Although promoted as a gin that’s ready for the summer – whenever the summer finally arrives – this is one that we would enjoy all year round, especially as a sipping gin.

The distillery recommends serving this new gin as a Lemon Balm G&T, using 50ml of the lemon balm gin, 150ml of a quality tonic water and garnish it with lemon. For an extra shot of lemon we would recommend Fever Tree’s Lemon Tonic Water.

For those hot, lazy days we would also use an oversize glass and adding plenty of ice for a long, refreshing drink.

To create this lemon masterpiece, the distillers harvest lemon balm leaves directly from their distillery garden and steep them overnight in the still with 12 other botanicals used to produce their award-winning London Dry Gin.

The gin is then distilled in the traditional way keeping only the heart of the distillation which is hand cut by the distillers to produce a bright and fresh citrus forward gin.

As with an increasing number of producers, Ramsbury Distillery remains committed to sustainability; they use use of recycled glass and growing the ingredients on the estate using an advanced reed irrigation system.

This limited release is part of Ramsbury’s ongoing experimentation with produce grown on their estate, showcasing innovation and their commitment to local, sustainable ingredients.

The Lemon Balm Gin is a delightful citrus experience for the senses and one that we thoroughly enjoyed.

For more information visit their website