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Bateman’s World Hop Tour

2024 marks Batemans Brewery’s 150th anniversary and during the year various celebrations, events and initiatives have been launched, including The World Hop Tour.

The World Hop Tour comprises a range of limited edition beers that is being produced using a variety of hops and styles of production from across the globe – underpinned by the company’s mantra: “Tradition with Ambition”, which ensures they continue to deliver creative, modern ideas whilst embracing the company’s rich independent heritage.

Commenting on the launch of the World Hop Tour Stuart Bateman, MD and fourth generation brewer, said: “Beer drinkers want to be able to explore different styles and flavours.” Given the growing demand from consumers for new beer styles and flavours, and the increasing interest in provenance and the backstories of the hand-crafted and artisan sector, Batemans’ world hop tour is timely.

At Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine we have seen the growth of the IPA* segment, from the more traditional India Pale Ales to fruity and citrus-infused IPAs, which are appealing to a younger demographic, who are buying Premium Bottled Ales.

There are few breweries that aren’t tapping in to this growing market, but not many can draw on over 150 years of brewing excellence to ensure that every new beer is meticulously planned, tested and produced by master brewers whose expertise is built on decades of experience.

We were sent the first two beers in this new range to sample, including Triple Hop IPA – initially released in small batches for Batemans on-line shoppers, but the company hopes it will become more widely available in the off trade.

Triple Hop IPA, is made using Summit, Sabro and Idaho-7 hops – diverse American hops that delivered a hearty hop-forward intensity that we thoroughly enjoyed. Triple Hop IPA remained the right side of almost becoming a bitter, a result of the combination of the three hop varieties, but the lightness of the mouthfeel, the gentle effervesce and the complex finish kept it firmly in the IPA camp.

The next stop on the tour was New Zealand, which inspired Paoro (the Maori word for ‘ball’) produced using premium Maris Otter Pale malt, blended with Nectaron and Kohatu hops (two of New Zealand’s finest contemporary varieties).

Very much on-trend, Paoro delivered a fruit-forward, citrus flavour profile underpinned with the complexity of the three hop varieties. The hops were, of course, in play, but the fruitiness came to the fore, which combined with gentle effervescence, delivered a refreshing and highly quaffable beer.

Both beers were exceptionally good and we would have no hesitation recommending them or ordering them at the bar. Complex and well-balanced profiles that delivered a very satisfying experience.

We look forward to the next stop on this inspired global tour.

For more information visit their website

*Research from Statista: in 2022 52% of respondents from their survey gave IPA as their favourite drink