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Tequila is just the tonic

The owners of El Santo, a Glasgow bar and restaurant, are celebrating the recent tie-up with Patron Tequila, the world’s leading premium tequila brand.

Every live music event that takes place at El Santo – a Latin American-themed 90-seater restaurant with a discreet speakeasy bar (El Santito) – will now be supported by Patron Tequila.

Every Thursday El Santo runs its “Noche De Musica”, which includes open mic sessions, where local musicians, singers or DJs can perform.

Regular live events also include established artists, including internationally acclaimed DJs who perform alongside Latin American Fiesta dancers.

Patron Tequila has also created a beautifully designed ‘selfie ready’ floral wall, providing a stylish branded backdrop where customers can pose for and record memorable moments.

El Santito specialises in mixing a wide range of margaritas, each with its own unique twist – from the refreshing Verdita, infused with coriander, mint, and pineapple, to the enticing Strawberry & Habanero and the iconic Tommy, made with Ocho Blanco Tequila, lime juice and orange agave

Commenting on the brand support from Patron Tequila, El Santo’s general manager, Panos Dimou, said: “We take immense pleasure announcing our successful acquisition of the esteemed support from Patron Tequila, a brand that seamlessly aligns with the vibrancy and energy of our venue.

“El Santito is more than just a location; it’s a destination for tequila connoisseurs, While we may be nestled in the heart of Glasgow, we ensure that every aspect of our bar, from the diverse range of tequila cocktails crafted by our skilled bartenders to the authentic South American cuisine prepared by our talented Brazilian chef, transports our customers straight to Latin America.”

Harry Olorunda, prestige account manager at Bacardi Martini, is very happy to be supporting El Santo: “Patron is delighted to be working with El Santo, and its amazing speakeasy bar El Santito, which, in the past ten months, has really made a name for itself with imaginative tequila cocktails.

“We welcome customers being able to learn more about our premium tequila at the Margarita Masterclasses, where you can taste a wide selection of Margaritas.”

For more information about El Santo visit their website:

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