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Success in London

Located between the Drava River and the slopes of the Bilogora mountains of Croatia is the small town of Pitomača, where MAMM Distillery produces award-winning brandy.

Co-owner Peter with his middle son, Milan

The family-owned business produces traditional Croatian fruit brandy, made with quinces and plums sourced from their own orchards and local producers.

After the first distillation the soft brandy is re-distilled and then aged for several months in barrels before it is ready for consumption.

Bottling is all done by hand, which includes the application of the labels and the cork is manually sealed with wax. Each bottle is unique and this very much reinforces the artisan nature of the brandy.

The result of the labour-intensive process is a high quality brandy, a fact reinforced when their Eudoxia quince brandy (40% ABV) won gold at this year’s London Spirits Competition, having impressed the judges: “An Eau de Vie with flavours and aromas of apple, pear and quince on the nose and palate with smooth mouthfeel and medium body.”

Award-winning Eudoxia quince brandy

MAMM Distillery’s quince and plum brandies have been applauded for being exceptionally smooth with a depth of flavour. The company is also known for its distinctive packaging, which features Greek names; in the case of Eudoxia it appropriately translates to ‘fame’ and ‘good judgement’.

Co-owner Martina, who runs the business with her husband, Peter, was aware of the London Spirits Competition prior to entering, which since winning gold has: “put the wind in our sails so we can progress and grow” and it has also had a “positive impact on our marketing.”

Martina and Peter were delighted with the judges’ comments and the positive feedback, which recognised their hard work and dedication.

Commenting on next year’s competition, Martina said: “We are interested in participating again because we have progressed and have seen how we can present our distillery [to the world] for a second time.”

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