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Mixing it up with Mocktology

The founders of start-up company, Mocktology, have combined the science of mocktails and how our senses react to flavours. In 2017 Rehana Choudhry and Shivali Lakhani started experimenting with the development of a range of alcohol-free syrups that would be used to make mocktails.

The launch of their company was delayed by Covid-19 and the various lockdowns, but we’re delighted to announce that their products are now on sale and we were recently sent a sample of their blueberry and raspberry-flavoured Blue Acre syrup.

The vivid Blue Acre variety, along with their full range of syrups, is available in 50ml, 200ml and 1-litre bottles.

We sampled Blue Acre with tonic water, lemonade and as part of an unusually-coloured gin and tonic.

All three drinks had a distinctive fruity profile, but were never over-sweet, but you only need a small amount of the syrup to colour and flavour your drink.

Whilst Mocktology’s range is primarily intended for use to make alcohol-free mocktails, we feel that they will also give mixologists the opportunity to experiment with the variety of colours and flavours available across the range, which will no doubt give rise to many new cocktails, yet to be created.

We wish this new start-up business well and look forward to reporting on their progress in the coming weeks and months.

For more information visit their website


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