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Stunningly unique

Artisan and hand-crafted spirits, beers, meads and ciders are, by definition, unique, but sometimes you need to qualify just how special an individual product is.

In the case of Procera, a super-premium gin produced in Nairobi, Kenya, it’s their attention to detail that elevates their offer; from the hand-blown bottles and individually applied labels, to the hand-tied brochures that accompany every bottle.

At a retail price of £78 this gin has to be special, but what puts Procera above some of the more established brands that equally position themselves in the premium and super premium segment?

Apart from the beautifully-crafted bottles and literature, the main point of difference is that the juniper used to produce Procera is fresh, not dried, which according to the distillers produces a gin with distinctive nutty and earthy flavours.

This, as far as I can determine, is a first (but I am prepared to be corrected by any other company that similarly uses fresh juniper berries in the production of gin).

If it is the quality of the juniper that defines the character of any gin it must follow that using fresh, not dried, juniper adds complexity and depth to the gin. Procera’s juniper is harvested by the local community who live near the distillery; the juniper berries are found within the equatorial forest of Kijabe, 2,200 metres above sea level.

Having been sent a bottle to sample I am happy to confirm that the gin more than meets expectations, whether enjoyed on its own, with ice or with a quality mixer; my preference was to enjoy it without any distractions, because this gin is so smooth and so confident that it really doesn’t need any adornments.

The bottles are sealed with a sustainable palm wood stopper, which is hand-carved by more of Kenya’s artisans; the bottle is finished with one piece of hand-crafted leather, further reinforcing the super premium proposition.

Some drinks brands can try a little too hard to tell an authentic story or to demonstrate a point of difference, but in the case of Procera their product, a unique hand-crafted gin is original and breathtakingly good.

For more information visit their website