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Make a great impression

Labelnet, a trusted name in the world of self-adhesive labels for over two decades, has announced an exciting addition to their range of services.

With over 24 years of expertise in the field of self-adhesive label printing, Labelnet is committed to delivering cutting-edge labelling solutions to clients across various industries.

Their latest offer comprises three new embellishments that will create even more luxurious, high-end labels designed to appeal to the discerning tastes of consumers in the UK and beyond.

The new services include:

Hot Foiling uses heat and pressure to produce labels with a lavish, metallic finish. This technique is a favoured choice among distilleries looking to elevate their spirits brands and create visually captivating designs.

Embossing produces a three-dimensional, refined and stylish label that is ideal for luxury brands. The subtle, yet high-quality textured finish, is visually appealing and draws the attention of discerning consumers.

Screen Printing involves the stencilling and the use of robust inks, which are passed through a fine mesh to breathe life into label designs. The result is a vivid finish with a striking ultra-glossy appearance, instilling a premium quality to the label design.

For the ultimate finish to any label, Labelnet can combine two or even all three of these embellishments to achieve the desired label finish. They encourage clients to test and request samples, ensuring their chosen material and finish is perfect for their branding and packaging preferences.

With several drinks competitions now taking into account the visual appeal of bottles, cans and other items of drinks packaging, alongside taste and value for money, Labelnet is well placed to help companies to really stand out and have shelf appeal.

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