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St Maur was first produced for the guests who attended the wedding of the Earl and future Countess of Yarmouth, which took place at Ragley Hall in Alcester. The success of the unique liqueur spurred on the young couple to turn the production of St Maur it into a full-time family business at the start of lockdown. 

Three years on and sales of St Maur – a small-batch premium elderflower liqueur – have continued to grow and the brand has been firmly established, with a loyal following.

Here at Hand Crafted Drink Magazine we were provided with samples of the sumptuous liqueur and reported that this was definitely a company to watch, and we know exactly why St Maur is doing so well.

The earl and countess, William and Kelsey Seymour, are always looking at ways to promote their brand and for this year’s Valentine’s Day they have designed a cocktail based around St Maur: the St Maur 75, which is the couple’s take on the classic French 75.

Made with St Maur, dry gin, lemon juice and sparkling English wine, it might just become a new classic and is definitely enjoyed when it’s made for two, using the following recipe.


  • 50ml St Maur
  • 50ml dry gin
  • Freshly squeeze juice of one lemon
  • Dry English sparkling wine


  • Shake the St Maur, gin and lemon juice with ice in a cocktail shaker, or stir in a jug with ice  
  • Moisten the rim of two flute glasses with crème de cassis and “ice” with caster sugar 
  • Carefully strain the cocktail mix into the flutes, pouring equally between the two
  • Top up with a dry English sparkling wine  
  • Garnish to decorate and serve to someone you love to be with

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