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Inspired by nature

Centuries ago, the Aborigines unlocked the healing power of the eucalyptus tree, which was revered by Australia’s indiginous people. The sacred plant was used to promote health and cleanse, and was part of rituals and ceremonies to cure the spirit.

They would crush and soak the eucalyptus leaves in water to create a medicine that they used to treat fevers and reduce pain for a variety of conditions.

Their love of eucalyptus did not stop there; they also used the bark to build canoes and the fine, hard wood of the tree to craft spears, boomerangs and shields.

Fortunately, modern day consumers don’t have to infuse eucalyptus leave to create their own elixirs to benefit from this tree’s acknowledged healing properties, being an antioxidant and anti-bacterial, it is good for the skin, joints and the respiratory system.

Hill Hassall Botanics produces a range of eucalyptus cordials and a gin infused with eucalyptus. The company is based at the Ventnor Botanic Garden on the Isle of Wight, where there is an abundant supply of eucalyptus trees, which thrive in the island’s warmer microclimate.

We were sent samples of both the company’s Eucalyptus Cordial and Eucalyptus & Honey Cordial, which we sampled diluted with water and with vodka and gin. The citrus notes come through when tasted, but before you even get the glass to your mouth other senses are being teased. On the nose its luxury spa and aromatherapy treatments, which reinforces a feeling of wellbeing.

The mouthfeel is luxurious and smooth, with the citrus and aromatherapy notes coming to fore, whether served with or without alcohol. A gin and tonic is lifted with the addition of either cordial, the honey version injecting a subtle, but never overpowering, sweetness.

However enjoyed, the finish is light and refreshing, with flavours that linger at the back of the mouth providing reminders of just how good these cordials are.

With the health benefits that eucalyptus brings and its sheer versatility, this is a cordial that every household and bar should have at its finger tips.

We very much look forward to what’s coming next from Hill Hassall Botanics.

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