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Gin designed for you

Warwick-based That Gin Company, which also owns a cocktail bar, offers customers the chance to create their own flavoured gin.

Most artisan and hand-crafted drinks companies will argue, rightly so, that their products are unique, whether it is the ingredients used, the processes employed or a totally new product.

But, in the case of That Gin Company they claim to have the largest made-to-order gin offering in the UK, giving customers the chance to create a unique gin with its own flavour profile.

So, how is it done?

They have two distinctive ways of selecting gin. The first is by infusing their own flavours to produce a unique gin, which their customers have never had before.

The owner of the company, Steve Bazell, also selects gins from a range of distillers that he feels have a distinctive story or specific flavours.

As well as the traditional gins, more than 100 different flavour infusions can be created on request, from juniper and floral gins through to fruity offerings such as pineapple, watermelon, passionfruit and Sicilian orange and, for spice lovers, pink pepper, black pepper and cardamom and jalapeños.

Those with a sweet tooth can choose from a desserts range, including Cherry Bakewell, Black Forest Gateau and Biscoff.

No bespoke gin will ever be exactly the same, which further adds to the company’s USP.

Here at Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine we were sent three unique gins, which were created for us from the extensive selection of flavours: Cherry Bakewell, Nutmeg & Hazelnut, and Clementine & Cranberry.

The three bottles have all been sampled and we can safely say that we have never had gin with any of the flavour infusions. All were sampled neat over ice and with mixers, and there was a clear favourite: the Clementine & Cranberry gin was, in essence, Christmas in a bottle.

The other flavours were bold and confident, and the Cherry Bakewell would have given the bottled Christmas a run for its money at any other time of the year.

The Nutmeg & Hazelnut gin was earthy and smooth, and a gin that would be very much enjoyed after an autumnal walk in front of a log fire at a country pub.

That Gin Company is clearly making its mark on the flavoured gin sector and if these three gins are anything to go by, they’re on to a winning formula.

For more information visit their website


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