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A real gem of a gin

We were recently sent a bottle of Triple Three Gin, produced in South Africa by Triple Three Distillery, which in 2022 won a brace of trophies for its Just Juniper Gin at the prestigious Trophy Spirits Show: the Investec Trophy for Best London Gin and the Riedel Trophy for Best Gin of Show.

This was an outstanding performance for a South African craft gin in a competition where it was judged against some of the best spirits across the globe and we were keen to sample a gin from a country not usually associated with craft distilling.

Triple Three also received bronze medals for their other gins – African Botanical Gin, Citrus Infusion Gin and Raspberry Blush Gin.

Triple Three Gin, Just Juniper Berry, was inspired by the earliest recorded gin recipes and is distilled purely with juniper.

This makes it unique since most gins are distilled with three or more botanicals. Although there is only one botanical, juniper (without which you have vodka), the gin has balance and complexity with citrus, herbal, spice and floral notes.

Rolf Zeitvogel is a third-generation distiller, who crafted the award-winning gins, grew up in the Black Forest in Germany and has been living in South Africa for over 20 years.

He believes in creating authentic and quality products and is passionate about ingredients and regularly forages for new botanicals.

Triple Three Gin, as with all the spirits we sample, was enjoyed neat over ice and with quality mixers. The juniper forward spirit makes for an excellent sipping gin, it was warming and extremely smooth, but was also perfect in its more traditional guise: served with tonic, lemon and ice.

We were very impressed by this traditional dry gin, which we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and we look forward to seeing what the new year brings from this successful South African distillery.

The Triple Three Distillery is in process of extending its distribution in Europe and welcomes any trade enquiries from companies who want to align with an award-winning, high quality range of spirits.

For more information visit their website