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UK’s favourite drinks

In December 2022 a survey was conducted by Surrey-based Lunzer Wines to find out about the UK’s drinking habits. They polled 2,000 consumers and found that 75% of adults enjoy an alcoholic drink at least once a week.

The results of the survey also found that the UK’s favourite tipple is white wine, along with the following main findings:

• 72% of those polled enjoy an alcoholic drink at least once a week
• The most popular drink is white wine (21.8%)
• Lager came a close second (21.75%)
• Red wine was the third most popular drink (20.5%)
• Gin was the highest scoring spirit (18.45%)
• Rosé wine (12.75% and sparkling wine (12.25%) were also popular

The survey found that there are consumption differences across the regions:


Alcohol consumed most frequently

Those who drink at least weekly




West Midlands

Red wine


East Midlands

White wine


North East



North West



Yorkshire and the Humber



Northern Ireland

White wine


East of England

Red wine


South East

Gin and white wine

Both 23.7%




Greater London

White wine


South West

White wine



Lunzer Wines also found that 1 in 8 consumers (12.45%) would describe themselves as teetotal.

Commenting on the findings, Dr Hussain Ahmad, an A&E doctor, gave the following advice for those considering how much to drink, especially as we approach the festive season:

“It’s no surprise that the vast majority of Brits drink weekly. But drinking in moderation, even weekly, isn’t likely to ever cause you any health concerns.

NHS guidance recommends no more than 14 units of alcohol in a given week spread across three days or more. In other words, that’s about six medium glasses of wine a week, but no more than two on a single day. So a glass of wine during the odd evening after work isn’t likely to cause you any problems.

“Of course, over the festive season we all tend to indulge a little more. If you want to cut your alcohol intake while still feeling like you’re enjoying a festive drink, there are some really impressive low and no alcohol wines and beers on the market and you can always opt for mocktails.”

Whilst some consumers are opting to avoid alcohol altogether, there are also signs that customers are becoming more discerning with the alcohol they drink, which at Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine we have witnessed with the volume of artisan drinks producers that enter the market and the number of independent retailers that curate some of the finest beers, wines and spirits around.

Founded in 1991 by wine maestro and raconteur, Peter Lunzer, Lunzer Wine is not just your average wine shop.

They offer their own selected range of some of the finest and rarest old and new world wines available for direct sale, which are also available to purchase online.

They also host relaxed, entertaining wine tasting events both online and in-person, with unique story telling from one of the UK’s leading wine experts. Peter combines humour, history and all things oenological, as well as making exquisite food pairing recommendations.

Passion is at the heart of everything they do at Lunzer Wine and going the extra mile is a given when it comes to their clients. Whether that’s hosting a tasting event, sourcing a rare bottle for laying down or providing advice and guidance for those looking to invest in wine.

Visit Lunzer Wine’s website for more information

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