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A zest for life

Here at Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine we get sent a wide selection of products to sample, which helps us keep up to date with the latest trends in the drinks industry.

Flavoured gins have become very popular in recent years and it’s hard to keep track of all the new flavours and boasts of ‘unique’ combinations of botanicals.

Some writers have argued that flavoured gins undermine the authenticity of the spirit that can trace it history back to geneva, the forerunner of today’s gin, which was popularised in the 17th century by William of Orange.

Interestingly, without the addition of juniper you would actually be drinking vodka, so the purists might reflect that gin is by definition a flavoured spirit.

Whatever the rights of wrongs of flavouring a flavoured spirit, Shakespeare Distillery has recently launched their own take on a flavoured gin: Kaffir Lime & Orange Gin, which we can safely say is totally delicious.

We really like bold, confident citrus flavours in a spirit, which is something that several artisan breweries have also experimented with to critical acclaim.

As with all our spirit tastings, we sample them neat, with ice and with quality tonics. Without exception, the preferred option was the citrus spirit over ice to create a vibrant and refreshing drink – there’s no need to add a tonic unless you simply want a longer drink.

This gin, however, is one that you could sip all night, it is that good. Smooth, rounded and just the right amount of a zesty kick to tantalise the tastebuds in a positively memorable experience.

The naysayers may continue to predict the demise of flavoured gins, but if this spirit is anything to go by (and you really should go buy) the future is bright for this segment of the spirits market.

For more information about Shakespeare Distillery visit their website