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What’s your poison?

Fresh to market is Toxin, a new range of social media-driven drinks aimed at students and the young adult market.

The new brand is a joint venture between instagram and TikTok influencer, Rufus Rice, and The East Coast Cocktail Company.

When celebrities or high profile personalities launch their own products, fame will only get you so far. There has to be style with substance and expectations have to be exceeded.

With Rufus Rice’s social media profile we anticipate Toxin to do well, partly because of who he is, but mainly because the drinks that we samples are very good; the packaging is first rate and the price point will please the target audience.

The new RTD range comprises three flavours that are available in 250ml cans, simply labelled as: Yellow, Pink and Green.

Toxin Green is based on a Matcha Mojito (8% ABV); a refreshing mix of rum, mint and Matcha green tea. Toxin Pink is the classic Cosmo drink, with a mix of smooth vodka, raspberries and cranberries (10% ABV) and Toxin Yellow, is inspired by a Lime Margarita cocktail, with a twist of Brazilian lime, tequila and a dash of salt (10% ABV).

Commenting on the launch Zach Croft, CEO and co-founder of Toxin said: “We are excited to be launching our long-drinks in three bold flavours; perfect for spirited young adult drinkers looking to create memorable evenings with their friends, without spending all their money on unaffordable cocktails.

“Toxin drinks have a higher ABV than other cocktails and high sugar mixers usually targeted at this consumer age group, but the price is much more accessible for our audience of students and young people looking for a delicious drink and a good time.”

Toxin founder Rufus Rice explains why he thought the time was right to enter what is a growing market segment: “We know that young adults look for vibrant drinks that are not only instagram-worthy, but taste great, but we noticed there is a distinct lack of ‘double’ or higher ABV options on the market, and from there the idea for Toxin was born.

“We want to be more than just another drinks brand on social media, we want to be seen as an integral part of quintessential student life, an accessible drink that fits a stylish lifestyle.”

To support the launch, Toxin is being heavily promoted across social media to over 1.5 million followers, with Rufus Rice driving engagement across his large following on Instagram and TikTok.

We were sent samples of all the Toxin flavours, which impressed everyone in the office. The simple, uncluttered labelling provides all the essential information in a large, bold font, including the name of the variety, the flavour profile and their ABV.

The headline spirits very much came to fore and were mixed with well-chosen ingredients, which produced refreshing long drinks, especially when served in a tall glass over ice.

The RTD range has been launched into the student and young adult market, which has an increasing number of people who are either eschewing alcohol or reducing their intake, so we feel that the clear labelling is very responsible.

Equally, with more and more distilleries producing low and no alcohol spirits we feel that Toxin has the opportunity to produce a range of less toxic drinks, which we anticipate would be well received by their target audience.

Whether or not Toxin does enter the low and no alcohol market, this brand is definitely going places.

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