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Old Mother Hunt

Like many others, our family was thrown into utter chaos at the beginning of lockdown, when Matt lost his job as an airline pilot. We suddenly found ourselves with no income and no hope of finding a job any time soon either.

We both struggled to adapt to this new way of life, but as we’d just moved house and we had our incredibly feral 3- and 4-year-olds to entertain, we had to find a way to carry on. We decided that alongside keeping the kids busy and figuring out how to plumb a new bathroom, we had to give ourselves something to focus on and protect our own mental health.

The hopelessness of the unknown, lack of job opportunities and not being able to see friends and family started to take its toll and it was this that forced us to make the jump and create our own company. We’ve always dreamed of one day starting our own business and although we would’ve preferred it to happen in different circumstances, it seemed like the perfect time to try – we had nothing to lose. Fast forward through the hours of debating whether to take the plunge or not and here we are, producing a range of fine, signature rums!

We’ve kept our batches deliberately small so that we can perfect and hone the flavour of each run. We anticipate that as our experience and skills evolve, the flavours will change subtly and develop, enhancing each aspect of the palate.

As we only use natural, whole and homemade ingredients, we expect there to be a slight degree of variation between the batches as the natural flavours are affected by changes in the season, rainfall, climate etc. We see this as a direct reflection of the uncontaminated produce that we are using and we’re excited to see how the flavours can change and interact with each other on new levels. Each batch is proofed down using filtered, local fresh water.

We will constantly be reviewing the available products and as time and technology advances we will strive to choose the most environmentally friendly and suitable product we can. We’re in talks with the air pack manufacturer to extend their biodegradable range to fit our bottle and when they do, we will upgrade our stock.

Contact details

Old Mother Hunt Limited
272 Bath Street
Glasgow G2 4JR