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Spirit of Wales
The essence of the Welsh

The Spirit of Wales is distilled in Newport and captures the essence of the Welsh.

A no-nonsense spirit distillery that creates authentic Welsh spirits in Newport. Launched in 2021, the distillery produces affordable premium spirits that embody our Celtic roots and Wales’ industrial heritage of steel production, coal mining, agriculture, and fishing traditions.

Our goal is to create surprising and complex flavours, abstract stories on your palette that give you a piece of home to treasure. In the future, we want to take the Spirit of Wales to the world so they can delight in our narratives of taste too and share our Welsh fire.

Premium distilled passion inspired by the people of Wales. The fiery passion of the Welsh people is found in every bottle of The Spirit of Wales, with a shot of sweet determination and a drop of fire inspired by our dragon.

Find a moment that reminds you of home and or have a taste of our culture. The Spirit of Wales, uncomplicated and unpretentious for all to enjoy.

Contact details

Spirit of Wales Distillery
16A Maesglas Industrial Estate
Greenwich Road
South Wales NP20 2NN

T: 01633 965035