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FKNG Vodka
FKNG = For Kings Not Gods

Resist Spirits is the first spirits company that creates lifestyle brands for consumers who are success minded and achievement oriented. Our philosophy in life is not waiting for opportunities to happen, rather we create our own opportunities. Ultimately, it all comes down to mindset.

Our first product is FKNG Vodka and we will distribute initially throughout select markets in the United States, but in the near future our products will be available for overseas customers.

What does a brand stand for? Our brand is created by a team of individuals who have excelled in life through pure determination, fortitude and focus. We fight for our dreams, passions, family and territory. We have had our share of defeats and victories. FKNG consumers don’t F##K around. You have one life. Celebrate like a boss. Be a FKNG boss. This is what our brand stands for. This is who we are.

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Resist Spirits