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Packaging that delivers

Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine is primarily here to support the artisan and hand-crafted drinks sector, but we’re also delighted to support those companies that in turn support the increasing numbers of independent producers across the UK.

One such company is Printed Paper Tubes, which for over 30 years has been producing a wide range of food and drink packaging, which offers a bespoke range of sustainable and eco-friendly products for breweries and distilleries.

The company’s tube production range extends from 38mm to 101mm internal diameter and the outer finishes of the drinks packaging can be plain, but increasingly the tubes are custom printed; there is also a choice of coloured papers and a comprehensive range of end enclosures.

Whilst the ultimate test when we review any drink is the quality of what we pour, it all starts with the sense of anticipation that the packaging should engender. Judging by the selection of images supplied, this company is going from strength to strength.


For more information visit their website

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