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Not just another gin

The launch of another gin, in an increasingly crowded market, wouldn’t usually make the news, but this could be a first – a hop-infused gin.

Emperor Gin Dry Hopped Gin has been created by the Warwickshire Gin Company, based in Leamington Spa, together with Great Alne-based Purity Brewing Company.

Their unique collaboration has produced a new 40% ABV gin, which is the latest project devised by the Warwickshire Gin Company, whose owners are driven by a desire to capture moments in history by developing drinks with flavour profiles that reflect the county’s unique story.

The range includes Leamington on Parade, inspired by the true story of three elephants brought over from Sri Lanka to Leamington Spa by circus elephant trainer Sam Lockhart in the 1880s; The Kingmaker – named after Richard Neville 16th Earl of Warwick and Peeping Tom – inspired by Coventry’s Lady Godiva.

Dave Blick, who established Warwickshire Gin Company at Victoria Business Centre, in 2018, said of the new collaboration: “We first collaborated with Purity Brewing Co. during the Covid pandemic, at a time when we were selling other local produce on our website.

“We’re admirers of not just their beers, but also the company’s values, which are aligned with our own. We both include stories that inspire our drinks, making them bold and unique.’  

Commenting on the development of the new gin, Paul Brazier, Purity’s head of marketing, said: “When we were asked to help develop a hop-infused gin we jumped at the chance!

“We worked on several recipes with the hops and other botanicals that we thought would complement the Emperor. To add to the Roman theme we included the Italian exotic citrus, bergamot, which is a stunning fruit to use. Being able to bring Emperor Hop Dry Gin to life has been an exciting project.”

It’s a particularly special recipe for the brewery team as it’s made with a new English hop variety named in memory of Purity’s late co-founder, Jim Minkin who, outside of brewing, enjoyed a passion for Roman history.

Central to Purity’s ethos is a strong commitment to supporting the environment; they only use natural ingredients and support recycling programs. Waste products are recycled through its unique wetland system – a sustainable ecosystem helps minimise carbon dioxide emissions, reduces energy consumption and encourages wildlife diversity.

At Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine we have never sampled a hop–infused gin (or any drink related to hops that hasn’t been brewed) and so we were delighted when a bottle of Emperor Gin arrived.

David Blick (L) & John Conod (R) pictured with a portrait of Purity’s co-founder, the late Jim Minkin, who inspired the new gin

Sampled neat and over ice, we found this to be a super-smooth sipping gin, which didn’t need the accompaniment of a mixer, although the G&T that we tried was very good.

The bergamot and citrus notes are present, but its their subtleness that draws you in and the hint of hop infusion adds a unique depth and improves the finish.

This is a gin that can be enjoyed as a bold apéritf on the rocks or as a warming nightcap in place of whisky or brandy.

Marketing hyperbole often elevates new drinks beyond the reality of what is actually consumed, but, make no mistake: this is no fly-by-night trendy gin whose popularity will ebb and flow as tastes and trends change; we think that this unique gin will stand the test of time and will earn its place on back bars and in the collections of discerning drinkers, alike.

For more information about Warwickshire Gin Company follow this LINK

For more information about Purity Brewing follow this LINK

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