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Sky Wave Zero

Sky Wave Zero is a new, alcohol-free drink distilled with the same innovation and passion we have come to expect from premium spirits brand, Sky Wave Gin.

To perfect this new zero-alcohol distilled drink it has taken their master distiller, Andrew Parsons, over eighteen months to develop.

Parsons applied the same expertise that has helped the company win multiple industry awards, including the prestigious accolade conferred on the company at The World Gin Awards: The World’s Best Contemporary Gin.

Parsons spent a considerable amount of time exploring a range of tastes and created many trial versions on his two-litre developmental still, Tilly, before crafting the final recipe, which is now known as Sky Wave Zero. 

Commenting on the new drink, Parsons said: “We know that there are times when you want to enjoy the experience of drinking a gin and tonic but you don’t want the alcohol. I worked hard to create a great tasting premium alcohol free alternative to sit alongside our existing range. I selected high quality ingredients including three citruses and fresh ginger to create a journey through zesty bursts with hints of savoury and sweetness culminating in a twist of warmth.”

The release of Sky Wave Zero coincides with the continued growth of the low and no drinks market, which is forecast to accelerate over the coming years, according to the drinks market analysts, IWSR. It predicts that consumption will increase by a third by 2026, exceeding earlier growth rates.

Demand is being driven by an increasing number of consumers who are actively reducing the amount of alcohol they drink, but who are looking for an authentic replacement.

We were recently sent a bottle to sample and we can report that for a zero alcohol spirit, the mock G&Ts that we mixed tasted convincingly good and would agree with the producers that Sky Wave Zero delivers the familiar juniper and citrus burst that the distillery’s gin drinkers have come to expect, but with zero alcohol for a truly guilt free drink.

For anyone wanting to reduce their alcohol consumption but don’t want to  rely on traditional soft drinks or give up on the experience of either ordering or mixing a drink, Sky Wave Zero is filling an increasingly large gap in the market, which is enjoying annual sales of around £450m (for both the low and no alcohol sector).

Here at Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine we very much enjoyed the gin-less tonics, but other cocktails can confidently depend on this alcohol-free spirit to produce drinks that compare extremely well with their alcohol-based counterparts.

We can certainly see more people saying hello to Sky Wave Zero and waving goodbye to guilt.

For more information about this new gin visit their website

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