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The Biggar Gin Company
Small batch gins with a Biggar mentality

We are a family business started and owned by two brothers Biggar Gin is the result of our small batch philosophy; the combination of tradition and innovation and a sense of place. Our small batch gin has a Biggar Mentality.

Biggar mentality is all about a small scale, rare, batch philosophy that reflects a passion, ambition and taste which is big. From our home at the foot of the Tinto Hills by the Scottish town of Biggar local botanicals have inspired us to think big.

Our local town has always welcomed innovation while respecting its past. It punches above its weight. We hope you agree that Biggar Gin does too.

Contact details

The Biggar Gin Company
Wyndales Mill
Wyndales Farm
Biggar ML12 6HX

T: 01899 872122