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Norfolk Gin
Artisan gin made to a unique recipe

Norfolk Gin was begun in 2014, Jonathan was looking for a new adventure and began making gin on a small scale at home. After some 18 months of development and experimentation, resulting in gins varied from awful to okay to rather good and he arrived at the now excellent Norfolk Gin.

It is in style a bathtub gin, smooth aromatic and satisfying. It mixes well in all classic cocktails. The main botanical is of course Juniper; others add aroma depth high notes, almost floral yet balanced with fresh citrus.

Other botanicals are grown in the garden. The other added ingredient is music; Jonathan bombards or serenades the gin with all manners of music while the botanicals are steeped and is convinced this adds to the spirit or soul of Norfolk Gin.

Try it your way. Experiment and have fun. We like a simple tonic and lime for a big cooler, orange and fresh thyme for a more aromatic and fruity bowl. Mix with a dry vermouth such as Dolin for a fresh taste. The message on the bottle is “Enjoy”.

The philosophy is that you should only need one good gin, surround that with cordials, vermouth, liquors and good quality mixers, some sparkle and flavoursome garnishes and you can make hundreds of great drinks and cocktail. We think Norfolk Gin is that gin.

Contact details

Norfolk Gin
PO Box 3735
Norfolk NR7 7GP

T: 01603 559047