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In The Loop Drinks
It's all in the loop

We are fortunate to be surrounded by English wineries that are as forward thinking as we are, allowing us to create delicious drinks and showcase our shared novel ingredient.

We are an innovative small company of experts that seek to limit our negative global impact and those of our customers through the mindful use of resources and our positive contribution to the circular economy.

Gnina Balchin has a BSc in Food science and an MSc in Oenology and Viticulture, as well as years of experience developing food products followed by working in the English wine industry.

It is this fusion of flavour chemistry and oenological science that has allowed the creation of a range of exceptionally well balanced Vermouths that expertly showcase every ingredient.

Contact details

West Hendall Farm
Herons Ghyll
Uckfield TN22 4BU