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Shaken and stirred

Here at Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine we get to sample and review a wide range of drinks, including a variety of fine spirits. We only ever taste spirits without mixers, so that our reviews are based entirely on the quality of the unadulterated product.

So, when we were sent a selection of cocktails from Jack ‘O’ Bryan’s – a new restaurant and bar launched in Dunfermline – we were keen to share them.

Jack ‘O’ Bryan’s has been launched in Dunfermline by father-and-son team, Bryan and Jack Coghill. Bryan was originally from Brechin, who spent over 20 years living in Spain and Portugal.

Together with his wife, Michelle, they established a chain of restaurants throughout the Iberian peninsula.

They returned to Scotland for share their passion for dishes that take their inspiration from the Middle and Far East, as well as from southern Europe, using the finest meats, seafood and vegetables.

Bryan’s son, Jack, is following in his father’s footsteps who is equally keen to produce unique dishes that use only the finest Scottish produce, combined with flavours from across the globe to produce a unique range of pastries and desserts.

Here are a selection of the restaurant’s cocktails, which we very much recommend that you do try at home, including the Cherry Old Fashioned – a deliciously warming cocktail that puts a cherry twist on a classic Old Fashioned.

There is the visually stylish Rum Sour, made the traditional way with egg white, which makes the drink richer and dessert like, and the refreshing Cucumber Cooler, combining flavours of gin, white wine and elderflower liqueur.

Cherry Old Fashioned

3 x brown sugar cubes
2 x cherry bitters
60ml Monkey Shoulder whisky (or your whisky of choice)
25ml cherry liqueur
2 x ice balls
Cherry garnish

Put the three brown sugar cubes in a tall glass with cherry bitters, crush all until sugar is smooth; add in your whisky and cherry liqueur, fill glass with ice and stir for 10 seconds. Strain into a small glass and add your garnish and ice balls

Rum Sour

50ml Diplomatico Rum (or your rum of choice)
1 x egg white
10ml sugar syrup
10ml lime Juice
1 x dehydrated orange

Separate one egg white into shaker and dry shake, add in the rum, sugar and lime juice, add ice and shake until all ingredients have combined. Strain into a small glass, add a few cubes of ice and finish with your dehydrated orange

Cucumber Cooler

3 x cucumber slices
10ml lime
60ml white wine
25ml elderflower liqueur
30ml Hendricks (or your gin of choice)
Top-up with lemonade

Crush cucumber with the gin in a shaker, add lime juice, white wine and elderflower liqueur, shake until all ingredients have blended together and strain into a wine glass with ice. Add fresh cucumber and thyme as garnish.

For more information visit Jack ‘O’ Bryan’s website

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