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Lower your costs & emissions

With on-going cost pressures and obligations to reduce CO2 emissions, drinks manufacturers are battling on several fronts, which has led to many smaller and medium-sized breweries going out of business.

One company that is helping businesses across all sectors to reduce their energy costs and CO2 emissions is Worksop-based Levercor Energy System’s whose combined heat and power systems (CHP) generates electricity at around 10p per kWh and can significantly reduced CO2 emissions.

Levercor Energy systems combined heat and power for breweriesLevercor’s CHPs are starting gain the interest of drinks producers, including a regional craft brewery, which produces over 5 million pints a year (30,000 hectolitres).

Levercor’s CHP system will halve the company’s energy costs and will reduce their CO2 emissions, helping the directors to work towards the government’s 2050 net zero targets.

The investment will be paid back within 12 months and the power generating system will be up and running within six months of the order being confirmed.

Levercor Energy Systems designs, installs and maintains combined heat and power systems, which can also be installed where there is no grid electricity or a mains gas connection. Their systems are compact and can be installed internally or externally.

Levercor Energy helps power breweriesAt the heart of a CHP is a generator powered by natural methane, biomethane or a hydrogen blend, which produces low cost, low CO2 heat and power.

The waste heat is used for heating and hot water are, resulting in power generation systems that are 91% efficient.

With the addition of absorption chillers, Levercor’s CHPs can be used for chilling, cooling and air conditioning. Solar panels and battery storage technologies can also be incorporated to provide a fully integrated energy solution.

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