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Devilishly good

At Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine we were delighted to receive a bottle of Diablesse Coconut & Hibiscus Rum, which is produced by the first solely female-owned rum brand in the UK.

Cleo Farman launched her company in 2019 after travelling the Caribbean and spent months back in the UK developing her range of rum. Following the success of Diablesse’s core range of small-batch expressions, including Diablesse’s Caribbean Rum and Clementine Spiced Rum, the new product is destined for premium venues, specialist retailers and major supermarkets across the country.

The pink rum is a world first, which combines toasted coconut and red berries with hints of frangipane and maraschino cherries. The exceptionally smooth rum has a natural sweetness from the single origin Demerara sugar; the aroma of the coconut and hibiscus draws you in to the point that you would happily bathe in it, but that would be a waste, because the taste is even more profound. The complex flavour profile lights up every taste bud and leaves you wanting more, whether on the rocks or straight from the bottle.

Apparently, this rum works well in cocktails, but we all felt that this was one rum that should be enjoyed without the need for any pollutants, perhaps the only exception would be an Old Cuban using champagne rather than sparkling wine, because this rum deserves the best.  

The new rum has joined the portfolio of exclusive and unique products curated by Manchester-based Ten Locks whose ethos and commitment is to drive positive change; Diablesse Caribbean Rum represents female empowerment and equality, whilst looking to produce authentic rums of excellent provenance.

Diablesse is striving to be completely sustainable by 2025; its bottles to use 65% recycled glass, with the lighter format helping to reduce its CO2 emissions.  

Commenting on the new partnership, Becky Davies, head of commercial at Ten Locks, said: “Diablesse is an exceptional example of a brand writing its own rules in the industry, with the launch of its naturally pink Coconut & Hibiscus Rum. It brings two ‘world firsts’ into the Ten Locks portfolio, building on an already truly striking proposition.”  

Cleo Farman, founder of Diablesse Rum, is also delighted with the new partnership: “The launch of our latest addition to the range is incredibly timely, as drinks with hibiscus flavours continue to gain popularity across the industry. We’re proud to be leading the way by offering the trade something truly unique, with a flavour profile that’s never been done before, at a time we know consumers are curious and thirsty for it. 

“Our goal is to continue creating innovative and distinctive rums that aren’t limited to certain serves or occasions – be it enjoyed straight, mixed or in cocktails either at home or in a bar, pub, club or restaurant setting.”

Diablesse Rum is proud to be supporting the Young Women’s Trust, a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women. The Young Women’s Trust supports young women by campaigning for equality in the workplace, equal pay and supports them planning for the future.

We thoroughly enjoyed sampling the Coconut & Hibiscus Rum and look forward to seeing what this inspirational entrepreneur next brings to market. With her commitment to supporting young women and a fascinating back story, it is clear that this brand will only go from strength to strength.

For more information on the company visit their website:

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