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Australian distiller goes for gold

As one of the media partners of the London Spirits Competition, we have been interviewing a number of people who represent companies whose products were winners at this year’s competition.

This is an interview with Gordon Chalmers, head distiller and co-owner of Tamborine Mountain Distillery, Queensland, Australia.

When asked for his opinion of the London Spirits Competition, co-owner and head distiller at Tamborine Mountain Distillery, Gordon Chalmers, said: “Only one word needed: fantastic!”

Founded in Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia, in 1993, the company is now the third oldest distillery in the state. 

When the Ward family relocated to Queensland from Tasmania, they decided to set up a distillery and over the next 25 years they produced a range of award-winning spirits — picking up over 300 awards in the process.

When the owners retired in 2017, their head distiller, Gordon Chalmers, together with Dr Shumei Hou, purchased the business with plans to expand the iconic brand internationally from new premises. 

The expansion into overseas markets has been supported by entering international drinks competitions, including the London Spirits Competition, which the company has previously entered, as Gordon explains: 

“I was well aware of the London Spirits Competition, having entered the competition a number times in previous years.

Distillery owners Dr Shumei Hou (L) & Gordon Chalmers

“As Australia’s most internationally awarded distillery this century, with nearly 400 awards, we enter quite a few competitions each year as we develop new drinks.”

Commenting on the success that the company achieved this year at the London Spirits Competition, Gordon said: “It is always rewarding to win any medal when competing against so many great and much bigger brands, but to win the Best Brandy at this year’s LSC event was absolutely brilliant.”

Having won at the 2023 awards Gordon has been keen to share news of the company’s latest award: “We have very strong social media following and use multiple platforms to announce all our big events and news. 

“This year’s event was a big news event both for our loyal customers but also for our local community.”

Given the success and satisfaction with the LSC, Tamborine Mountain Distillery has already entered eight products for the 2024 competition.

For more information visit their website

To enter the 2024 London Spirits Competition follow this link