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Abelon toasts the London Competitions

Abelon — an organic grape spirit — is a 100% certified organic distillate of a single variety of hand-harvested grapes and produced in a micro-distillery in Greece.

Distilled in copper alembic stills, in optimum conditions, the resulting distillate has an unparalleled flavour and distinct aroma; it is then aged in new French oak casks, tailored to Abelon’s requirements and produced by expert craftsmen in France.

The unique spirit is bottled unfiltered and proofed down with high quality water, following a minimum of six months maturation. Each bottle is sealed with Portuguese cork and sealed with an engraved golden ring and the owner’s family crest.

In 2022 the distillery owner, Pangalos Kazakis, entered the London Spirits Competition for the first time and his unique spirit won a bronze award and in 2023 Abelon also won a bronze award.

Pangalos’s motivation to enter the competition was: “To have my products evaluated and win prizes to gain the admiration and preference of prospective clients.”

After Abelon won bronze at the 2023 competition, Pangalos promoted the award through his social media platforms and he anticipates that the win will help to gain better recognition in the UK and EU.

Pangalos was “very satisfied” with the competition and has entered the 2024 competition.

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