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Tasty award

An entrepreneur who walked away from a successful career in 2018, is celebrating his gin distillery becoming the ‘Number One Thing To Do In Leamington Spa’ on TripAdvisor.

Warwickshire Gin Company’s tasting experiences have shot to the envied top spot thanks to 80 five-star reviews from visitors.

It has also made its mark with foreign tourists, achieving the “Travellers Choice Award”, which puts the Warwickshire distillery in the top 10% of global businesses listed on this platform.

This recognition is an important achievement for the distillery’s founder David Blick, who first started making gin in 2018 after moving on from his 28-year career in retail and logistics.

Commenting on the award David said: “I didn’t know the first thing about making gin when the idea to start a distillery first came to me whilst on holiday in Tenby.

“I got talking to the owner of Tenby Gin who has a shop there and asked him how he made it. He told me he used a third-party distiller – and that’s when the penny dropped. We had a steep learning curve but learned from a multi-award-winning distiller.”

Over the last six years David’s gin and rum collection has won various awards, born from ‘a desire to capture a moment in history, developing flavours to fully represent the county’s own unique story and bringing the range of hand-crafted flavours to life.’

All of his products have a unique link to the history of Warwick, including Leamington on Parade, inspired by the true story of circus elephant trainer Sam Lockhart in the 1880s; The Kingmaker – named after Richard Neville 16th Earl of Warwick and Peeping Tom – inspired by the legend of Coventry’s Lady Godiva.

David is looking forward to a positive future, with visitors numbers and bookings up year-on-year: “We have done it – the number one thing to do in Leamington Spa on Trip Advisor. I’m over the moon that all the hard work my team have put into our various experiences has paid off.

“We now have many customers visiting Warwickshire and Leamington in particular who can see the reviews and book up ahead of their visit, confident they will have a great time.”

Since we launched the magazine in 2020 we have seen various reports that we, as a country, have hit ‘peak gin’, but if this is anything to go by, gin has a very bright future.

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