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Super smooth brandy

We were delighted to have received a bottle of St-Rémy’s Signature brandy, which was launched in 2020 as the new face of brandy. Presented in a new shaped transparent bottle, St-Rémy Signature was developed by the company’s master blender, Cécile Roudaut.

The brandy is taken through two stages of maturation in both new oak and seasoned casks. The first maturation is in new oak casks, which introduces spiced notes and depth; the second stage of the process is in traditional casks, which balances the blend that delivers an extremely smooth and almost sweet brandy.

We sampled the brandy neat and over ice, as we sample all spirits, and were extremely impressed. The overriding experience is smoothness; this is very palatable and yet there is a spicy warming heat that comes through, but never overpowers.

There is also a discernible sweetness, but the balance with the deep spicy notes is near perfect. This is a serious brandy for connoisseurs, but its smoothness could easily win over those who perhaps see brandy as a drink for the gentlemen’s club, only to be savoured at the end of a long lunch with a fine cigar.

This is not the case with St-Rémy Signature. Whilst there is the complexity and depth, this is a youthful spirit and one that could easily be the brandy that seduces the drinkers of other distillates to start enjoying the oldest of all the spirits.

Image with kind permission of St-Rémy Distillery

Whilst St-Rémy is not the oldest brandy distillery in France it has been producing fine brandies since 1886, when it was established by Paul-Emile Rémy Martin II in Machecoul in the Loire Valley, after the outbreak of phylloxera, which damaged vineyard in the Charente.

For over 135 years the world’s number one and most famous French brandy has been producing exquisite brandies that follow closely-guarded recipes that only the master blender ever has access to.

This 100% French brandy, from grapes to bottling, is now exported to over 70 countries and the plaudits continue year-on-year.

We thoroughly enjoyed this brandy and at times genuinely struggled for superlatives, but we can safely conclude that Signature is truly incroyable.

For more information on St-Rémy’s products, please visit their website

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