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Some like it hot

Warwick-based That Gin Company, recently sent us a bottle of their fiery gin That Jalapeños, which we looked forward to tasting the moment it arrived. 

Here at Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine, we like hot and spicy food, and so we were intrigued when we first heard about this gin to see just how hot it would be.

We tried the gin neat, both with and without ice, and also with a mixer. From the first sip the heat comes in very quickly and the fiery finish stays with you.

This gin delivers a real blast of spiciness that bursts in your mouth and tantalises your tongue, yet despite the heat the gin is very smooth.

If you prefer the fiery kick then treat this as unique sipping gin; we preferred this over ice, but without a mixer. For those who want to dial down the heat, a mixer will help, but the heat still comes fighting through.

However, this isn’t a gin for those who avoid or can’t tolerate spicy food, because this is a hot gin.

For those who are interested in what actually causes a burning sensation it is the capsaicin, a chemical that triggers heat and pain receptors. This chemical, which confuses our tastebuds (because there is no actual heat), is found on the pithy inside of the pepper that the seeds cling to, but it can also make its way into the seeds, inner fruit wall, and even the jalapeño plant’s stems and leaves.

If you have ever chopped chillis or hot peppers and rubbed your eye, you know immediately just how painful the heat sensation can be.

But, if spice isn’t your thing, don’t worry.

At The Gin Company, as well as the traditional gins, they offer more than 100 different flavour infusions that can be created on request, from juniper and floral gins through to fruity offerings such as pineapple, watermelon, passionfruit and Sicilian orange.

Those with a sweet tooth can choose from a desserts range, including Cherry Bakewell, Black Forest Gateau and Biscoff.

That Gin Company continues to make its mark in the gin world, which shows no sign of weakening despite the regular flow of reports that predict the demise of this ever popular spirit.

For more information visit their website

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