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The spirit of Ulverston

What makes a TV camera operator and a travel agent want to set up a drinks brand? Well it started after a drink with friends, as these things usually do.

We’re well travelled and love our food and drink and realised that there wasn’t a brand that was celebrating our beloved home town of Ulverston, so the morning after the night before, it still seemed like a good idea and Ulverston Gin was registered.

Having thought about things a bit more, we didn’t want to be limited by geography, so we registered a name that we’d had kicking around for a while – one that was more brand-able in its own right though still honouring Ulverston: Wolftown.

With our fifth batch we feel that our contemporary gin has reached what we set out to achieve. We will no doubt create a new drink soon. It might be another gin though it might not, so watch this space.

Our first drink is an award-winning contemporary gin, that stands happily on its own as a sipping gin, mixed with tonic for a refreshing cocktail and whose orange notes make it the perfect base for a Negroni.

Made with Sarsaparilla, ginger, citrus and almonds, our first gin is an accessible joy that leaves non-gin drinkers re-evaluating their position.

It’s time to try The Spirit of Ulverston.

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3 Market Place
Cumbria LA12 7BA