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Withers Gin
Conceived, developed & distilled in the East Midlands
The first gin release from Withers Gin is G1, an exceptionally smooth and well-balanced 40% ABV London Dry Gin. G1 is presented in a beautifully designed premium glass bottle, screen printed, with a luxury glass stopper.
G1 takes its flavour solely from distillation, which makes it a true London Dry Gin with none of the colour or sugar often found in flavoured gins today. Instead, it features the heartsease flower, alongside a good punch of juniper, a zing of pink grapefruit zest and a veritable support act of five other botanicals, resulting in a London Dry Gin packed with flavour!
Heartsease, G1’s key botanical, is a flower of remembrance, which is no coincidence. This symbol links our product with our passion to raise money for Cancer, a cause very close to our hearts.
Cancer is brutal and indiscriminate. As a family, we have lived through our fair share of this. My father, Gus Crockatt, died way too soon from pancreatic cancer in May 2018. Recently, our closest friends have had their own battles with the disease, and are still fighting.
This brand is not about dwelling on the past, or the pain of loss and endurance, it is about improving the future of others in tribute to those we have lost – doing our bit to make a difference.
We commit to donating at least 10% of our profits to benefit Cancer Charities.
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Withers Gin
T: 01332 672105