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Werewolf Beer
An American Brewery in London

Werewolf Beer is the brainchild of Rich White, who is from Syracuse, New York and former head brewer at London Brewing Co, who wanted to bring an authentic American craft beer flavor and quality to their new brewery and taproom in Camden Town, London.

If you could distil the essence of rock and country music, monster movies and a good roadside diner, you’d end up with Werewolf Beer. We will be packaging our range in keg and cans and focusing on clean, balanced, clear beers including: Psychobilly American Pale Ale, Moonstomp Rice Lager, Horrorshow Rye IPA, Creepster American Brown Ale and Stray Cat Citrus/Session IPA.

Because art, drive-in movies and neon are so important to us there will be seasonal and experimental beers based on stunning colors from interesting and novel ingredients. Our unique taproom blends the best parts of a truck stop and a haunted house, which will be a fun place to meet friends and enjoy our beers fresh, straight from the brewery.

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An American Brewery In London will be launching in the summer of 2021.

Contact details

Werewolf Beer
T: 07746 127154
Twitter/Instagram/Facebook all: @werewolfbeer