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The Little Quaker Distillery
Every batch is consistently excellent

The Little Quaker Distillery has been a dream of owners Paul and Leanne Colman for the past two years. Born out of a desire to escape from the daily grind of the rat race and a mutual love all things gin.

The Little Quaker Distillery is based in Darlington in the North East of England and embraces the history of the town and hopes to trade on its values. The distillery hand crafts all of its bottles of gin using local ingredients sourced from local retailers; each batch is made in small volumes to give every batch an individual feel.

The latest distilling equipment seamlessly combines traditional techniques going back centuries, to ensure a consistently excellent taste.

The company’s signature gin will be a nod to those desires, a craft gin named ‘Quaker gin’ is a cool refreshing local gin that hits the senses with fresh citrus flavours that come from the lemon, orange and grapefruit, signalling the start of the escape from the daily grind.

The citrus is followed by a smooth lingering cultured taste of summer fruits that comes from the injection of the morello cherries with hints of blackcurrant and strawberry undertones.

Contact details

Kingsway 65

T: 07919 618125