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St. Giles
An exploration of taste

As a professional diver, St. Giles’ founder, Simon Melton, has been fortunate to venture to lots of unusual places around the world, giving him ample opportunities to explore a wide variety of delicious gins.

On his exciting journeys, he invested years of research and visited many distilleries, all in passionate pursuit of his beloved spirit.

Returning home to Norfolk, the land of big skies and wide coastlines, gave Simon the perfect setting for quiet contemplation and dreaming of his next adventure; producing and perfecting a recipe for his own exceptional gin.

And now, with the help of head distiller Pete Margree and a beautiful custom-made copper still, named Anna, that dream has finally been realised.

Contact details

Norwich Dry Gin Company
North Walsham Road
Norfolk NR12 7BG

T: 01603 737460