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New Alchemy Distilling
Drink Something New

At New Alchemy Distilling, we are passionate about bringing new perspectives to classic spirits. Distiller-owned and operated, we are personally involved in every step from recipe development to distillation and bottling.

Our distillery began as an idea in a research laboratory, where our two founders first met, and that idea has since evolved into a small business, engaging additional members of our families. We combine both artistic and highly technical skillsets to develop new approaches to traditional spirits.

Our award-winning vodka and gin uses neutral spirit distilled in-house from local wine, resulting in subtle flavours distinct from those found in grain-based products. Our vodka undergoes a proprietary technique to further purify the spirit until it is bright and crisp. The botanicals in our gins are hand sorted, weighed, and ground, then precisely extracted by vapor-path distillation using a unique still we designed and built.

We believe that everything we make is an expression of ourselves; we each taste every new batch, no matter how small, in order to make sure that everything we bottle is something we can be proud of.

From all of us at the New Alchemy Distilling family, we invite you to Drink Something New®.

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New Alchemy Distilling
5050 Robert J Mathews
El Dorado Hills
California USA

Instagram: @newalchemydistilling