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Highland Boundary
Scottish spirits capturing the flavours of the wilderness

Highland Boundary captures the unique and unusual flavours of the Scottish wilderness and distills them into wild-inspired and botanical Scottish spirits and liqueurs.

If you’re a gin, vodka or cocktail lover you will love this new generation of Scottish spirits and liqueurs, Wild and Botanical.

Our spirits rely on ancient distilling techniques fused with a flair for hand-picked Scottish flora and nature. Highland Boundary spirits are different, appealing to those who enjoy new and remarkable flavours.

Highland Boundary is the idea of Marian and Simon who live and work near the pretty market town of Alyth in Perthshire, Scotland.

Our name comes from the geological feature, called the Highland Boundary Fault, on which our farm lies. We have one foot in the Highlands and one in the Lowlands of Scotland. To the North of us lie the Angus glens and the mountains of the Cairngorms and looking South our distillery has stunning views of the fertile Strathmore valley.

By combining botanicals from the Highlands with grain spirit from the South we are crafting a new generation of Scottish botanical spirits firmly rooted in the Scottish Landscape

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Highland Boundary
Blairgowrie PH11 8LL

T: 01828 632816