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Binary Botanical
The wine-lovers' beer

Binary Botanical was created from a desire to eat and drink lighter, to prioritise light moments with friends and family and to tread lightly minimising our impact on the planet.

We love the fact that a waste product can also taste so delicious! We love chatting about all things sustainability related.

What is Binary Botanical?

We take the time to infuse our light refreshing beer with organic hop leaves during the fermentation process to create a sophisticated, tangy beverage reminiscent of prosecco.

It is called ‘binary’ because hop leaves grow on a bine. Our alcoholic version is binary 1 and our non-alcoholic version is binary 0.

Refreshment has been redefined.

Binary Botanical’s supremely refreshing nature and tangy taste lends it to food pairing and mixing. Drink it as a lighter, low calorie/low alcohol alternative to wine or mix it with syrups, fruit and herbs to create delightfully refreshing seasonal cocktails.

Contact details

The Good Living Brew Company
T: 020 3290 0260