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Afon Mêl
Expertly crafted for generations

With more than 20 years of brewing mead, we are very proud of our amazing range.

The traditional aging of Afon Mêl meads is characterised by the long time spent in barrels and bottle before sale and, as a result, we have developed a wonderful variety of flavours and styles, all driven by the taste of honey. For us, mead is not something new, it is a drink rich in history and culture that should be celebrated.

Our bees have an exciting selection of flowers to choose from when they fly around Ceredigion. Plants such as sycamore, hawthorn, willow, clover and blackberry all grow wild in the hedgerows, hills and valleys around us. In Ceredigion there are extensive areas of completely wild places that haven’t been farmed intensively.

Our on-going devotion to bees is the driving force behind everything we do.

We bring you a collection of five raw honeys and the largest collection of real meads in the UK and are the only producers of mead to have ever won the highest award from the Guild of Fine Food, The Great Taste, Golden Fork Award.

Contact details

Afon Mêl
New Quay
Cross Inn
Ceredigion SA44 6NN

T: 01545 560822