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In their own words

For companies looking to enter the 2024 London Competitions, they can rest assured that they are going to be part of an annual event that it putting drinks companies from across the globe firmly on the map.

The organisers of the competition have compelling arguments for those who haven’t yet entered, but having conducted research from various winners from the 2023 competitions, we thought it would be better to let you see their thoughts on the event.

Commenting on the London Spirits Competition, Katina Aziz from Maya Jules in Mexico, which produces artisan mezcal, said: “London Spirits Competition’s network of experienced judges has given us the confidence in our brands quality rating.

“It’s allowed us to have warm introductions with some of the most experienced bar staff in the London hospitality industry.”

For Jo Farn of Attic Brewing Company in the UK, winning at the London Beer Competition: “Has increased our credibility as a brand so people have been more interested in trying our product. This is great in such a large market.”

Maite Distilleria in Italy submitted products to the London Spirits Competition very soon after launching the distillery, as Francesco Menicucci explained: “The two medals we won has helped us to make ourselves known internationally. The London Spirits Competition put us on the map and was an incredible boost for our small distillery. We will return again this year [2024] with our new products.”

Debra Spence, from Conrad Distillery in Australia succinctly summarised her experience of the event: “The London Spirits Competition is elite and a must for any distillery serious about growing its business.

“It has increased sales, increased recognition and gave us a skip in our steps as we were filled with pride.”

Issac Tremblay from Distillerie du Quai in France: was equally impressed: “The London Spirits Competition is the only competition we now enter. It provides feedback from competent judges and credibility for our products. No need for anything else.”

As media partners of the London Competitions we would endorse the above comments and we know just how beneficial this event is becoming.

Good luck to everyone that enters this year’s competitions.