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For peat’s sake

According to Tongue In Peat’s website, their “Peat infusion creates a love it or hate it taste, but there is no denying it creates a deeper, richer and more complex drink…”

It all sounds very intriguiing but what does Tongue In Peat produce?

The answer is a peat-smoked tomato juice that produces an extra ‘kick’ that the producers (a group of avid Bloody Mary drinkers), we were searching for.

After many experiments they arrived at something unique, which was produced by selecting fresh, seasonal tomatoes and having them cold infused for 16 hours over peat grown on the Scottish island of Islay.

The company produces the world’s only peat-smoked tomato juice but what are the benefits of such a drawn-out process?

According to their website, the peat smoke infusion creates a richer, deeper and more complex Bloody Mary, naturally.

As someone who enjoyed spiced tomato juice in The Westbourne in Notting Hill in the early noughties, I very much look forward to sampling the peat-infused tomato juice to see how it compares.

The spiced tomato juice that I was served in W2 was extraordinarily good and so Tongue In Peat has got to be especially good to eradicate such positive memories of a mouthwatering and satisfying beverage.

For more information visit their website