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Think outside the box

As energy prices continue to rise there are few areas of the economy that are not being negatively affected, unless you’re one of the oil producers who have come to regard their businesses as ‘cash machines’.

All businesses are going to have to think creatively to ensure that they can keep the lights on, including companies in the artisan and hand-crafted drinks sector.

One such company, the award-winning Napton Cidery, has a calendar full of events that they hope will continue to attract customers to their premises where they produce and sell a wide range of ciders.

Here at Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine we can safely say that their ciders are delicious, flavourful and truly memorable, and leave the mass-produced ‘ciders’ in the shade.

But, I digress.

One of their forthcoming events, which in our opinion will be properly mouth-watering, is a ploughman’s and cider tasting evening.

During the evening, which costs £25 per person, there will be a celebration of delicious food matched with top-quality craft cider.

Attendees will dig into a hearty ploughman’s supper that will be enjoyed with six of Napton Cidery’s sublime ciders.

Their knowledgeable staff members will talk guests through the process of cider making and how they create their award-winning range.

At the end of the evening guests will have the chance to buy from Napton’s range of ciders, which will hopefully generate additional sales and win more customers.

The Ploughman’s & Cider Tasting tours take place on selected dates each month from 7.00-8.30pm. For drivers, they offer fresh Napton Cidery apple juice or ginger ale during the tour and some cider to take home.

For more information about Napton Cidery visit their website

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