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The UK’s rarest vodka

Blacklion Vodka is the UK’s rarest sheep’s milk vodka is a full-bodied and flavourful vodka produced sustainably to create a crisp, clean and silky smooth finish.

The company’s journey started in 2018 when Tim and Tanya Spittle, who run a family-owned sheep farm in the Cotswolds, thought it would be a brilliant idea to convert a byproduct of the cheese-making process to produce the UK’s first sheep’s milk vodka.

Their niche spirit is made from a rare breed of sheep, Valais Blacknose, originally from Switzerland.

Whereas most vodkas are produced from grains, potatoes or grapes, the fledgling distillers saw a gap in the market and an opportunity to put a technical distilling process and rare breed of sheep firmly on the map.

Blacklion Vodka is distilled using Cotswold spring water and hand-crafted using a unique distilling process, producing an innovative, tripled-distilled vodka, using some of the rarest ingredients.

Here at Hand Crafted Drinks Magazine we have yet to sample this extremely rare vodka, but the tasting notes provided by the company conjures a mouthwatering spirit: clean and fresh nose with hints of cream, distant coffee and milk chocolate, together with some light floral notes, followed by nutmeg and vanilla. It is complex but very subtle and elegant on the nose.

The palate is creamy, bold and very smooth. It has richness and a lovely balance of savoury elements and depth without losing the silky charm and elegance.

There’s a touch of sweet spices and even marzipan on the long and lingering finish.

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