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The end of restrictions?

According to a recent poll, published by the Morning Advertiser, 56% of all hospitality operators are not confident that COVID-19 restrictions will be fully lifted on 19 July.

Whatever happens on 19 July, it is doubtful that the country will be back operating in pre-pandemic conditions; some elements of social distancing and face coverings are likley to continue to be remain in force.

For drinks producers, including the small batch, artisan distilleries, breweries and cideries, and associated food and drinks manufacturers, the impact of any on-going restrictions will affect demand and the rate of re-ordering.

As we have reported over the last few months, during the pandemic companies have had to change their strategy to help boost sales, including no contact click-and-collect, boosting online sales, harnessing the power of social media or opening their own tasting or tap rooms.

Either way, companies will have to continue to think outside the box in order to drive demand for their products.