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The art of wine making

In January 2022 a new book on making wine will be published: Wine Making: A Guide to Growing, Nurturing and Producing by award winning winemaker, Kieron Atkinson and co-author Jane Travis.

The book is an excellent guide to winemaking, covering everything from grape to glass, and would be ideal for those who discovered the pitfalls of growing your own wine over lockdown.

Kieron Atkinson is an ex-British Army officer, working on what was once the world’s most northerly vineyard, and his accessible style aims to share the challenges and rewards of winemaking with the reader.

The book covers all aspects of wine production; whether it’s a dozen bottles of wine created with love from your kitchen table, or thousands of cases produced from a commercial vineyard. It will guide you through the processes, the challenges, the fun and the satisfaction to expect as you ‘grow your own wine’.

Topics covered include grape production – vineyard site selection, choosing, planting and caring for vines; methods to maximize fruit production, and how best to harvest to minimize damage; the winemaking process – steering the producer through each stage in sparkling and still wine production; wine tasting – focusing on what flavours to seek and recognize, and which to avoid; the business of establishing a vineyard – expectations and costs involved and finally, terroir – and what it really means to winemakers and consumers today.

Kieron Atkinson is an award-winning winemaker and founder of the English Wine Project. Over the past decade he has developed the historic Renishaw Hall Vineyard in north Derbyshire into a flourishing tourist and wine production destination. As a vineyard consultant he has advised existing wine businesses how to improve their operational capabilities, and regularly champions the UK wine industry across a wide variety of media outlets.

Jane Travis has worked in writing and communications for over twenty years, and combines her love of words with working in the vineyard whenever time allows. Jane’s career background is in heritage estates, travel and tourism, where she joins Kieron as an advocate for the amazing food and drink experiences the UK provides.

ISBN: 9781785009693 | Pages: 144 | Binding: Paperback