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Success for Welsh Distillery

The Spirit of Wales Distillery has picked up two silver medals at the 2022 Rum and Chahaça Masters competition. 

In February 2022, The Spirits Business hosted The Rum & Cachaça Masters competition in search of the finest rum and cachaça brands across the globe. The panel comprised international spirits specialists who blind-tasted 220 drinks.

The aim of the event is to discover the Rum and Cachaça Masters and to recognise excellence in the category, with silver, gold and expert awards available.

Over the last few months the Welsh distillers have worked hard to develop their production processes to improve the quality of their rums. Their hard work was recognised at this year’s Rum & Cachaça Masters competition where two of their rums were awarded silver medals: Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum and Steeltown Welsh Rum.

The awards are not the only good news for the distillery – according to the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, rum has reinvented itself to become far more appealling to consumers, especially with the diverse range of flavoured and spiced rums, which are increasingly popular with millennial drinkers.

Commenting on the recent changes to their production processes, Daniel Dyer, founder of the Newport-based distillery, said: “In January, we utilised our downtime for our new production, changing some of our methods and processes and integrating a streamlined continuous fermentation to the distillation process. As a result, our rums have improved, and the taste and flavour combinations are remarkable.”

With rum clearly in the ascendance, the distillery plans to listen to their customers’ growing demand for rum with future planned releases including flavoured, smoked and spiced varieties.

The company is also no stranger to the winners podium; to date they have won seven awards, including additional medals from The Spirits Business, a silver Gin Master and two gold Vodka Masters in 2021, along with an additional silver medal for their Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin and a bronze medal for the Dragon’s Breath from the IWSC. 

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