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Ramsbury Vodka takes gold

Ramsbury Estates’ Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka has just been named as the Best Spirit of the Year and best Vodka of the Year award at the 2021 London Spirits Competition.

The distillery that produces the award-winning vodka is based in the village of Ramsbury, at the heart of the 19,000-acre Ramsbury Estate, where the spirit is crafted from the finest Horatio wheat grown on the estate.

When distilled, the Horatio wheat and local chalk-filtered water, produce an extremely smooth and elegant single estate spirit.

On the nose the wheat’s distinctive vanilla tones round off a sweet and delicate bouquet. On the palate it is an elegant, medium-bodied vodka with an almost creamy texture, with tones of dried fruit, cocoa and layers of caramel – followed by a dark chocolate richness.

The judges were impressed with Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka, awarding 96 out of a possible 100 points, with comments variously including: “Sweet aroma with marshmallow notes, creamy body with interesting milk chocolate notes” (Ludovica Fedi, head bartender, Gleneagles Hotel).

“Malty and rich on the nose, golden sultanas, raisins and sweet vanilla on the palate. Creamy texture with bags of flavour, sweet vanilla and Pedro Ximinéz on the finish. Sublime product!” (Kieran Grieves, head of drinks development, Cairn Hotel Group).

The fourth annual London Spirits Competition took place in London in March, which judged the spirits from across the globe on three main criteria – quality, value and packaging.